Dacono Residents


Once again, Gator Rubbish will be collecting trash and recycling for the entire Town of Dacono. It has been a pleasure to service the residents for the 2014 service year. Please review the guidelines below and feel free to call our office if you have any questions. Thank you for your continued business!

SERVICE DAY & TIMES: We will continue to pick up trash every Thursday between the hours of 6:30 AM and 5:00PM. Please have your trash out the night before or by 6:00 AM. Recycling will be picked up every other week on Thursdays. Please see recycling information below.

CONTAINER REQUIREMENTS & WEIGHT LIMITS: Each resident will be allowed up to five (5) thirty (30)gallon containers per week. Each container must weight fifty-five (55) pounds or less. Containers (96 gallon toters) can be purchased directly from Gator Rubbish, please call our office for more information. Our toters have a weight limit of seventy-five (75) pounds per container.

UPDATE 9-1-11: All residents are now required to contain their trash in sealed containers. Bags are no longer allowed at the curb. Containers can be made of plastic or metal as long as they have a lid and meet the container limits listed above. 96 gallon carts purchased from Gator Rubbish are also allowed. All bagged lawn clippings must be in a container, tree branches must be bundled in 4 foot length and set next to the containers. Large and/or extra items will still require an additional charge, please call Gator Rubbish to schedule a pickup, 303-655-0710. Liquids that are not allowed in the cans include; hazardous waste, paint, cleaning fluids, motor oil, insecticides, solvents, acids gasoline, pool chemicals and used cooking oil. Please call our office if you have additional questions.

LARGE ITEMS & HAZARDOUS WASTE: Large items such as furniture, appliances, TV’s, mattresses, auto parts & accessories, bicycles, building (or remodeling) materials & excessive amounts of trash will require an additional charge. These extra charges must be paid directly to Gator Rubbish BEFORE the items are removed.

The following items will not be removed: hazardous materials such as explosives, radioactive materials, chemicals, paint, or flammable materials. Please contact Weld County Hazardous Waste for removal of these items, 303-833-4337.



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All items listed below ARE acceptable materials

Newspaper (including inserts but remove plastic bag) ▪ Office paper (if you can tear it we can take it) ▪ Mixed Paper ▪ Phone Books ▪ Steel or Tin Cans ▪ Aluminum Foil ▪ Plastic Milk Jugs ▪ Yogurt Containers ▪ Flattened Corrugated Cardboard ▪ Chip board (cereal & tissue boxes) ▪ Plastics (#1 through #7) ▪ Completely empty Aerosol Cans ▪ Pie Tins ▪ Magazines ▪ Butter Tubs ▪ Brown Paper Bags(No Plastic Bags) ▪ Aluminum ▪ Glass Bottle & Jars ▪ Detergent Bottles ▪ Bulk or Junk Mail ▪ Vitamin Bottles ▪ Soda, Water & Juice Bottles ▪ Cleaning supply bottles ▪ Condiment bottles ▪ Shampoo bottles ▪ Soda carrier boxes ▪ Paper egg cartons ▪ Paper towel & toilet paper tubes ▪ When in doubt, as a general rule if the opening of the container is smaller or equal to the base, it is okay to recycle.

Please rinse all items and discard lids, caps, and pumps for bottles. Labels are okay.

Please make sure there are NO PLASTIC BAGS mixed in your recyclables.

All items listed below are NOT acceptable materials

Paper towels ▪ Paper cups ▪ Foil coated paper ▪ Plastic bags ▪ Styrofoam ▪ Hazardous materials ▪ Mirrors ▪ Light bulbs ▪ Ceramics (dishes) ▪ Clamshell or “to go” plastic containers ▪ Plastic egg cartons ▪ Six-pack ring holders ▪ Plastic plates ▪ Wax-lined cardboard ▪ Tyvek ▪ Over-night mailing envelopes ▪ Please remove plastic bags around newspapers & magazines and items such as CDs & magnets.

 Please make sure there are NO PLASTIC BAGS mixed in your recyclables.

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